What are other Bosses saying…

"She really understands fashion and style. She went shopping with me and helped me find pieces that complemented my body type as well as helping me sort through what was already in my closet."

Kimberly, Talent Match

All I can say is “Amazing!" Tashawna, assisted me with my event a couple months ago and she was there to help in anyway she could! She was a life saver with her organization and people skills. I recommend you join forces with her anyway to take you to the next level with your business.

Priscilla, Camp Catwalk

"I really enjoyed my experience shopping with you...all I had to do is tell you what look I was looking for and it was like you were reading my mind! Every look you introduced to me I loved! You will always be my personal stylist!"

Davida, Previous Client

I have come to realize just how much more a person's confidence increases when outside views have been released and one's look matches who they truly are. It's been so much fun trying new things and amplifying older ones. The most rewarding part of the journey has been the new mindset that I've received, just from the decision to evolve in this way. I'm so grateful to Pumps & Profit, for this opportunity, and I look forward to continuing our journey together!

Jacqueline, Girls Inspiring Generations International

Erica Latrice, AmplifyHer and Be Inspired

Tashawna has been very helpful with helping me start my videography company. She helped me get my pricing in order and to create an online and physical brochure. Not only that, she also helped me keep my finances in order so that I can see a profit in my business.

She is also good at helping you find or improve on your individual fashion style. She is multifaceted, very helpful and keeps things simple! 

RaQuan, ImpI Entertainment & 3yE Am

Tashawna created a capsule collection for me to represent my brand at the All Star Weekend event. I didn’t want to blend in with the artists, but stand out as the owner of a music consultancy company. I was impressed with the pieces that were chosen and was approached by Revolt for a special interview! I’m not going to lie, I really felt more prepared and confident in representing my brand.

Brian, AP La Familia LLC

First of all, your customers service was awesome, the clothing was very unique and different I love my dress!

Carmen, Previous Client