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Do You Feel Like Your Time Is Now...

But, your not quite sure how to brand yourself online to reach next level clients and success?

Are you exhausted from constantly “showing up online?”

Only to see your content flop again or not as much engagement as you would like?

You show up consistently, you have seen some growth in your following, but your income doesn’t truly reflect the energy and time you put in.

I get it! You feel like, you were defeated before the fight even begin.

Your saying to yourself, “If I only knew how to write great copy, she will understand me.” “If I knew how to really run an ad, I can reach more people quicker.” “If I could take what I know and package it for a premium price, I will be winning!”

Been There, Done That!

It’s a bittersweet journey. Your happy for all the Beautiful Bosses that are crushing it online. However, you wonder when will it be your chance?

I have been through it and so has other business women I have helped. That’s when I realized, I had all the parts but no understanding around how they all work together to bring predictable sales.

It wasn’t until I had a business and branding system in place that made doing business online simple. Now I am reaching my ideal audience, creating fun content, and having conversations that pay!

Simplify How You Do Business Online

I am ready to teach you how to take your business to the next level by leveraging your personal brand with proven online business strategies, saving you valuable time, money and resources. 

Hey Love, I’m Tashawna...

Your Online Business & Branding Coach! I’m fired up about helping you make bigger shifts in your business and personal brand online.

With 10 years of being fashion, branding and marketing industry and owning a diverse portfolio of businesses, I learned the key to success online is having a confidence, a personal brand and business strategy fit for you. When you are able to make this shift, you can stand out and get noticed the right way. 

My personal branding system has helped countless women influencers stand out in the marketplace and get noticed by the best in the industry, from interviews with notable media platforms like Essence, Rolling Out, and Revolt to confidently booking deals with their ideal clients. Now, I’m ready to help you do the same.

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Tashawna was my stylist for Essence Festival where she inspired me to wear a pair of boots I haven’t worn in years. While interviewing I was recognized by a celebrity for my boots. That was amazing!

Erica Latrice, AmplifyHer & Be Inspired TV

All I can say is “Amazing!” Tashawna, assisted me with my events couple months ago and she was there to help in anyway she could. She was a life saver with her organization and people skills. I recommend you join forces with her anyway to take YOU to the next level with your business.

Priscilla, Camp Catwalk

I was impressed with the pieces that were chosen for me. I was approached by Revolt for a special interview! I’m not going to lie, I really felt more prepared and confident in representing my brand.

Brian, AP La Familia

I feel very confident and comfortable in my clothes and its very fitting for my lifestyle. Whether that’s hanging out with the kids or going to a workshop, I can grab an outfit and not think about it. I’m like this works.

Heather, GodnBusiness

No Fluff, All Benefits!

Build an Online Business and Branding Presence

Have access to a Step by step coaching system and resources built to help you build a brand that saves time and money.

Feel At Peace, Not War with Your Brand

Learn proven online strategies that will have you creating on brand content that attract your ideal audience. 

Increase Your Presence Without Increasing Your Time

Transform your brand to match your next level of success. Know what works for your business, audience, and lifestyle. Learn how to maximize your brand for long term impact.

Confidently Strut Your Stuff and Brand

Feel confident in how you show up the right way with the right message. Our personal branding program is designed to create a stress free process to attracting and converting your ideal client.

A Must-Have Branding Staple

Use our step-by-step system every time you are ready to rebrand, increase your prices, or target a new audience.

Brand Your Way To Success

Create a personal brand that naturally draws your ideal client to you and those willing to pay you for your value.

This Program is For You if

Operate Service Based business    |    Want to develop or revamp your brand online   |   A thought leader in your industry   |   Limited time for business, family, and fun    |    Ability to package your business to a higher price point    |    A risk-taker who knows its her time to take grow her business and brand    |    Understand the value a coach brings.

This is not for you if

You are looking to grow a product based business.

You only offer to low ticket pricing.

You’re not ready to take action now.

Not comfortable with technology.

The time to dedicate to grow your brand.

Your Time is Now!

Are you ready to feel more confident in how you are perceived in the marketplace?  Your knowledge and experience has allowed for you to gain influence in your industry, but now its time to conquer the online space!

Let me help you reach new heights in her business without compromising time with your family and shortening the learning curve.

Ready to simplify her way of attracting ideal opportunities and distinguish herself from competition? Book a call today!

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