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August Upcoming Events

10th: Style Workshop: Dominate the Stage with Your Flawless Look
15th: Live Style Masterclass
Event #2 TBD
23rd: Semi Annual Group Consultation (every 3rd Thursday of Aug/Feb)

10th: Dominate the STage With Your Flawless Look

Yes, you are selling from the stage whether you have a booth in the back or not. You are selling transformation, so you want to walk talk and breath your own transformation. Join me as I show you how to dominate every stage in your life with your look. If you are ready to be the competitive advantage in the room, then this is one Style Workshop you don't want to miss.

15th: Live Style masterclass

Join me August 15th for our Live Style Masterclass, How to Create More Convenience In Your Wardrobe. In this 4 part series we are going to tackle the first problem that can hinder our convenience, time. You will learn how to quickly identify time savers, dress the part on a budget, and coordinate looks in just 5 minutes. 

On the Scene: Event TBD

Every month we visit fashion and cultural events. Fashion is always a culmination of what is happening in society, while also anticipating what is happening. Join me as we go on a fashion journey and explore the fashion world through the lens of a personal stylist, style advice, tips,  and rants are always guaranteed. 

23rd: Semi Annual Group Consultation

Being a part of the membership definitely has it's perks. Join us via Youtube Live for our Semi Annual Group Consultation to help prepare your fall wardrobe. Know what looks to wear for the season to maximize your brand image. You will also have a chance to have all your style questions answered for what you should wear to events.