Q: Do I have to purchase clothes Separately?

A: No! All of our one on one Signature Style Experience packages include a clothing budget to fit your lifestyle needs. This helps you get started right away without breaking the bank! You can always add more to your personal shopper credit.

Q: Why do I need a stylist?

A: A Stylist can help you manage what attire is suitable for when you are attending events, corporate meetings, a TV interview or when they are addressing to the masses. A Stylist can help you develop a style that is consistent with your lifestyle or brand. The biggest difference you will see is how easier it will be to choose outfits, go shopping, and look fabulous in a fraction of time.

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Q: Why do stylist charge so much?

A: Like any other purchase you make you have to look at the return on value. For instance you would spend $200 on a pair of shoes or purse. This purse return on value would be lower compared to you spending $200 on a stylist. Knowledge is more powerful and valuable than things. Not only is a stylist giving you an experience, but you also know have the tools and know how to dress yourself, repurpose clothes you have had for years, and a new found swag of confidence. Does that sound like too much or a great value?

Q: Do you offer additional support, Services, or ongoing consultations?

A: Yes! We offer additional support for ongoing, please contact us if you need more assistance.