Signature Style Experience Packages

Explore our unforgettable Signature Style Experience Packages. Our packages range from virtual styling to 2 Day VIP Style Experience. Each experience is designed to meet different budgets.
Get ready to create a capsule wardrobe full of looks from your closet making you feel more confident and dressed for success!

I'm very confident that Pumps and Profit personal styling system will help you captivate your audience and increase visibility in the marketplace and everyday life.

Personal Branding & Style Experience

3 Hour Style Revamp

Discover Your Style Story

Dress comfortably, and confidently for success, with ready to go looks from your closet, having you ready for upcoming events and appearances.

No more having to try and figure it out. Know what to get rid of and what to keep; we take the guessing game out of what to wear. We help you create the styles that are figure flattering and appropriate attire for any occasion.

Revamp your closet with your own $125 Virtual Personal Shopper Credit. This can be used to purchase accessories, clothing items that will help you take your capsule wardrobe to the next level.

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Great Benefits Of Booking a Style Experience

One of the most common desires for people seeking a personal stylist is about how to dress the problem areas of their body type. This is particularly an issue with some people who have really proportionately large breast. There are a lot of options for someone who has this particular problem. Someone with larger breast can create the appearance of a proportionate shape by wearing a line skirts. Wide leg pants and darker colors  can also be effective options because they also work well to create an effective illusion of an hour glass shape. 

VIP Style Experience

Luxury & Style has No Boundaries
It's time for a total closet overhaul for yourself and your brand!

You are in the right place, In just two days boss up your closet by transforming it into your own personal shopping boutique.

Luxury doesn't have to be limited to just what you wear. Experience a day of being pampered with our VIP Style Experience Package. You can expect a day of catering to you from a private chef to in home shopping.

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Day 1 Itinerary 

Your personal stylist arrive at your doorstep with private chef in tow prepare brunch. You will begin your morning with your stylist discovering all your figure flattering silhouettes and styles and color palette that allows for your skin to radiate.

After brunch/lunch served by your private chef, we begin designing your ideal capsule wardrobe and discussing how to monetize your signature look. Followed by a full closet clean audit so you can access the clothes you love quicker.

No heavy lifting for you! Our team or verified partners will come and donate, thrift (for money back in your pocket), or throw away any unwanted items.

    Day 2 Itinerary

    Day 2 starts with a day of shopping where you are escorted by your personal driver to your choice of a private or in store personal shopping experience; and with $1500 Personal Shopper Credit you are bound to find something that catches your eye!

    Don’t worry about updating your brand photos either, we have got you covered with a brand photoshoot and look book shot by a professional photographer. You will be styled in 3 Signature Looks and beat by professional MUA for the shoot.

    Finish off your two days of an awe-inspiring style experience with a private dinner for two prepared by your personal chef.

    Within 5-7 days after your experience, you will receive a personalized Style Look Book & Journal documenting all your #NextLevelBoss looks, outfit formulas and guide for the season, and 3 Months of 1 hour follow up style sessions with your stylist so you can make BANK your signature style.

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    Who knew that asking simple questions one can have a breakthrough! Tashawna helped me create new looks for the new position I accepted. If not for her, I would have looked like the old me walking into the next phase of life. Thank you Tashawna for showing me that I can be great, feel great, and look great all at the same time!

    Signature Style Experience

    1 Day Wardrobe Makeover

    Create a Strong Brand Imagethat will open you to more opportunities, more sales, and help you get noticed from the best in the industry. Pumps and Profit Signature Styling Experience allows for you to create a signature look that can help you look like where you are going… your next level of success in your life.

    Experience a full day of style discovery with our 1 Day in home wardrobe makeover. Be ready to be pampered by your own personal chef with your choice of lunch options to choose from.

    Play real-life dress up with your stylist in a personalized shopping experience that lets the kid in you shine. With your $225 Personal Shopper Credit your stylist will be able to purchase exclusive items we find!

    Your Experience doesn’t end there. Within 7-10 days you will receive a personalized Style Journal documenting all your #NextLevelBoss looks, outfit formulas and guide for the next 30 days, and a 30 day 1 hour follow up style session with your stylist so you can have the tools and resources to begin your boss up journey.

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    We Dress The Greatness Within You

    What you wear doesn't make you any more or less beautiful or equipped. It's that fearless woman inside that makes you so fearfully wonderfully made. That is the woman I speak to, that is the woman I dress.

    - Tashawna Chisholm , Founder & Head Stylist of Pumps and Profit