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Within the next year become internationally known as the premier personal styling agency serving women entrepreneurs and independent business owners by creating next level signature styles that translates your lifestyle, personal brand and greatest self.



Style 10,000 business women and entrepreneurs monetize their signature style in order to increase more opportunities for connections, business growth, and media attention.



At Pumps & Profit our goal is to help you make BANK with your style. Our unique styling system has helped countless business women and entrepreneurs increase visibility and monetize your movement. What are you waiting for?

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Originally, EmbellisHer, a women’s boutique in Southern Pines,NC; now Pumps and Profit was transformed in 2016 into personal styling agency. Tashawna Chisholm, the CEO and Director of Style, Love for fashion stemmed in her early childhood when she repurpose clothes to play dress up. Over the years, her proprietary fashion and styling system has helped countless women of all ages, sizes, and professions. “I believe that every woman has greatness within and her clothes should express that, like her own signature style cape.” Tashawna Chisholm



"I have been styled for several occasions by Pumps and Profit and each time I've gotten soo many compliments!!" 

"The most rewarding part of the journey has been the new mindset that I've received, just from the decision to evolve in this way.  " 

"A new perspective on your clothes is refreshing, thats what I feel like I got. "


Woman Behind the Glamour, Tashawna Chisholm

It all started with a little girl’s dream, thesis from AAU and passion, in 2014 Tashawna opened the doors of then EmbellisHer; a women’s boutique in Southern Pines,NC. She helped coordinate looks for ladies of all ages and body types.

After a period in the financial industry, Tashawna decided to go back to her fashion roots. In 2016 Pumps and Profit was born where she focused on styling influential business women and entrepreneurs.

Tashawna Chisholm, the CEO and Director of Style, her love for fashion stemmed in her early childhood when she repurposed clothes to play dress up. She then continued her love and education for fashion at NC State where she learned about all things textile! This coupled with a concentration in Brand Management allowed Tashawna to work for different companies and roles through out the years.

Over the years, Tashawna has perfected her proprietary fashion and styling system in order to help her clients make bigger shifts in their life with their dream wardrobe and strong brand build to match.

“Make your first impression a lasting impression” -Tashawna Nicole


Speaking Topics

Tashawna is a dynamic speaker that captivates her audience with her funny stories based on her life experiences of being a mother and wife, business owner, and being a fashion geek. Her unique background gives her a fresh perspective that has helped business women and entrepreneurs win in life and in fashion.


  • Brand Yourself Like a #NextLevelBoss

  • Know What to Wear and How to Wear it For Any Occasion

  • Create Confidence in Yourself and Your Work Wear

  • How to Score Media and Influencer Attention by Dressing for Success

  • Boss Up Your Style, Your Life, Your Brand Image

  • How to Translate Your Message Through Your Signature Style

  • Whats Your Power Positive Image?

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