Shopping | How to Create 10 Versatile Looks in Under 30 minutes

Join me in this fun challenge where I had to put together a collection of personal looks in less than 30 minutes! This haul was done in a store live and I break down how to create 10 versatile looks in under 30 minutes. Learn tips and tricks to make shopping easier and you can take these same style tips and create your own looks from your closet. When you are shopping in any store, you want to think of two main things Color and versatility. Shopping can be daunting because often times you are not sure what all you have in your closet. This is because the majority only wear about 20% of the clothes you owned. In this shopping tutorial, I show you how to shop quickly and coordinate looks for the next 2 weeks. I begin describing the collection of looks at 17:10 Hey Beautiful Boss, are you not sure where to start with your style? Ready to take your look and life to the next level? Or just want to experience the luxury of having a personal stylist without breaking the bank? Go to


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